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Shabby Lane Shops Magazine - Holidays & Traditions 2011
Shabby Lane Shops Holidays & Traditions is our 4th Newsstand issue
You will find this issue in select Barnes & Noble,  Bookworld  and Hancock Fabric Stores starting  Oct 4, 2011.

This is a 56 page wonderful print publication filled with wonderful Holiday articles, fun Holiday DIY projects, great Holiday recipes and 2 short stories.

You will not want to miss an issue!

Order a 4 issue subscription for $19.95 and receive FREE shipping and a FREE gift! Add back issues for $3 each FREE Shipping & Receive a FREE Shabby Lane Shops Pink Tote! (with subscription)

Holiday & Traditions 2011-Shabby Lane Shops:Subscription 4 quarterly issues-starts with Holiday & Traditions 2011 issue only $19.95 includes shipping $19.95
1 issue $4.95 with $2.50 1st class shipping $7.45
Renew my subscription with Holiday & Traditions 2011 $19.95
Renew my subscription with New Year 2012 $19.95
Start my subscription with New Year 2012 $19.95
Add back issue-Simply Summer 2011-Free shipping with this order:No
Yes add $3.00
Add back issue Spring & Summer 2011:No
Yes add $3.00
Add back issue Fall & Holiday 2010 magazine Free Shipping:No
Yes` add $3.00
Add back issue Summer Garden 2010 magazine Free Shipping:No
Yes add $3.00
Add back issue New Year Romance 2011:No
Yes add $3.00
Canada Subscription Add $10:No
Yes add $10.00
Subscription Outside US other than Canada add $35:No
Yes add $35.00

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