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e. Garden Court Membership
e. Garden Court Membership
Monthly Membership $15 a month does not include National Ads,  but includes the opportunity to purchase ads.

Shabby Lane Shop – Membership Agreement -  - This is a 1 month contract

Shabby Lane Shop, LLC. Agrees to promote the members of Shabby Lane Shops with the following, but not limited to:

Promotion through various National Magazine Ad Placements. –( Shabby Lane Shops will not be responsible for errors made by the publisher, But will correct the problem in the next available issue.)

Promotion through weekly newsletters.

Promotion through Blog

Promotion through maintaining the design of Shabby Lane Shops website

I as a member of Shabby Lane Shops agree to the following:

To promote Shabby Lane Shops by placing the member banner on my site with a link back to Shabby Lane Shops.

Pay my membership dues timely $15 a month;   

Be courteous to customers and other members

Handle all customer service issues appropriately

Membership may be canceled immediately with out refund for any of the following reasons but not limited to:

Unpaid membership dues , must be paid timely

Unprofessional Behavior

Inappropriate or illegal images or items on your website

Misuse of copyrighted graphics or designs

Shabby Lane Shops reserves the right to refuse membership.

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